Experts in Heat Treating since 2002 with over 425 years of combined experience

Established in 2002, to service and modernize the heat-treating needs of the manufacturing industry. USA is a service provider of commercial heat treatment for a variety of industries. Our commitment to our customers is quality and turnaround. That commitment begins with our employees and a successful application of the ISO 9001 standard.

USA Heat Treating is certified to ISO 9001 IAF MLA to meet the IATF’s automotive supplier requirements.

  • Processes

    • High volume continuous heat treating
    • Mesh Belt Austemper
    • Cast link oil quench lines
    • Rotary retort oil quench lines
    • Mesh Belt stress line
  • Inspection Equipment

    • Instron/Wilson 500 Series Digital Testers
    • Instron/Wilson MO Tukon
    • Unitron MEC-2 Microscope
    • SSI DP2000 Analyzer